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Parasoft Virtualize / SOAtest Desktop 
for Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise Subscriptions


Parasoft SOAtest provides unprecedented test automation to help testers ensure the security, reliability, and performance of transactions across modern business systems. From a single intuitive interface, it automates "end-to-end" test scenarios across multiple endpoints. 

Beyond robust support for REST and web services, the solution supports an industry-leading 120+ protocols & message types. Integrate functional/load/security testing with test data management, service virtualization, and defect prevention, to simplify the testing of GUI-less services. 


Parasoft Virtualize helps development and QA teams access complete, realistic test environments that are needed to develop or test an application anytime, anywhere. Testing is often delayed or cut short because it is difficult to access the complete test environments required to test meaningful transactions. 

By replacing unavailable dependencies with easily-accessible and configurable "virtual assets," service virtualization allows teams to start testing earlier, test more completely, and test continuously. 

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Affordable Functional Test Acceleration

Simulate the behavior of unavailable systems and sensors that are still evolving, difficult to access, or difficult to configure for development or testing. Watch the video to learn how to test applications continuously or on demand.


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Parasoft Virtualize / SOAtest Desktop 
for Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise Subscriptions

With Parasoft SOAtest, you can: 

  • Design sophisticated tests without complex scripting or coding
  • Generate extensible, reusable, easily maintainable test with 100% coverage
  • Automate continuous regression testing with sophisticated validations
  • Leverage event tracing and validation (ESBs, brokers, databases, and more)
  • Construct advanced end-to-end test scenarios combining tests for the web layer, API layer, mobile application, etc. into a single integrated scenario 

With Parasoft Virtualize, you can:

  • Capture and simulate live system behavior from recording
  • Rapidly model incomplete/unavailable components from service definitions and logs
  • Easily configure complex test conditions (e.g. "what-if," security, concurrency, fail-over, performance, and negative test scenarios)
  • Simulate any system interactions -- supports REST and web services, plus an industry-leading 120+ protocols/message types
  • Get the exact test environment you need, on demand

"Service virtualization has allowed us to get great utilization from our testing staff, complete more projects on time, and also save money by lowering the overall total cost of performing the testing required for a given release...

We used to need 2 weeks to performance test the code (for example, with average load tests, peak load tests, endurance tests, etc.) once we got it in our staging environments. Now, we've shrunk that to just 2 or 3 days."


– Frank Jennings

Director of TQM Performance Testing, Comcast



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