From virtual care visits to the application of big data and predictive analytics, the healthcare industry is at a critical stage of digital transformation, and healthcare interoperability is at the coreThe upcoming CMS and ONC compliance requirements strive to provide patients with secure access to health information and unlock the delivery of HIPAA compliant healthcare innovations that will deliver improved patient care through self-service and patient-specific healthcare.

Improve quality, reduce costs, and enhance members’ experience 
  • Validate compliance with CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Final Rule. 

  • Verify that data exchange workflows operate at scale. 

  • Streamline compliance with automated validation for HIPAA Privacy and Security rules. 

  • Deliver operational efficiencies that make a difference.

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Improve patient experience through integrations with 3rd party applications and external clinical data. 
  • Deliver secure access to electronic health information (EHI). 

  • Ensure compliance with ONC 21st Century Cures Act Final Rule.  

  • Demonstrate adherence to information blocking provisions. 

  • Ensure continuous compliance with HIPAA Privacy and Security rules. 

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A leader in Continuous Functional Test AutomationParasoft is the only vendor that provides a solution that goes beyond HL7 FHIR® and integrates continuous testing into the broader healthcare infrastructure, including support for HL7 v2/3, HIPAA transaction setsEDI, X12, and Facets as well as standard SOAP/REST messages and SQL databases.   

Improve Patient Care and Streamline the Delivery of Healthcare Innovations.


Address Today's Modern Software Development Challenges


The Dutch Association of Healthcare Providers, VZVZ, needed to create a robust and easy-to-scale acceptance environment, to improve patient safety and wellbeing while enabling new healthcare providers to connect to the national gateway. 

The Challenge

The Solution

With Parasoft, VZVZ was able to attain a highly-adaptable certification platform for building simulators of healthcare providers. The solution enables VZVZ to monitor traffic coming from and going to the gateway continuously, change test data when needed, and adapt the simulation when new versions of service definitions are released.  To learn more download full customer success story >>

Healthcare Interoperability 

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However, with the complexity of existing legacy systems and quality rigor required to ensure the delivery of a robust, secure, and compliant patient experience, Payers, Providers, and HealthTechs are struggling to deliver at the speed of DevOps.   

Accelerate the Delivery of Secure, Reliable and Compliant Software. 

Health Techs
Accelerate the delivery of the innovations that are transforming the healthcare industry 
  • Overcome the burdens of HIPAA, CMS and ONC compliance 

  • Validate and simulate health care information from upstream and downstream data sources.  

  • Integrated testing into modern software development processes to deliver compliant, secure and scalable solutions. 

Development Teams
Reduce the complexity of healthcare data formats and with an intuitive testing solution that integrates directly into your existing DevOps workflows. 
  • Simplify the functional testing of APIs leveraging HL7 FHIR, EDI-based HL7 2.x, or HIPAA transaction sets. 

  • Integrate FHIR testing into your end-to-end user workflows across new APIs and validating against legacy systems. 

  • Avoid delayed releases and don’t leave CMS and ONC compliance until the last moment, implement continuous automated compliance into your DevOps pipeline 

  • Leverage API sandboxes (or digital twins) to simulate external systems and remove constraints within your test environment. 

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Accelerate the delivery of healthcare innovation and improve patient care, integrate continuous testing and compliance into your DevOps pipeline .


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