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Eliminate the bottlenecks and dependencies that keep you from testing your applications.

When real test and production environments prove to be difficult to work with, go virtual! Gain a competitive advantage and accelerate testing with simulated services.  

Reach Your Testing Goals With Service Virtualization   

“If you can dream it, you can build it. We essentially went from being untestable to testable to now having a thriving demand for more of these capabilities.”  

ING Mortgages Netherlands consolidated a solution that containerized services and made 60% of the complex mortgage ecosystem testable — in complete isolation with data dependencies and environments in full control.”   

Ultimately, we found that the time and cost of implementing service virtualization was far less than the time and cost associated with implementing all the various systems across all those staging environments.”   

How to Choose the Right Service Virtualization Solution   

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Create, Deploy, & Manage Virtual Test Environments—Anytime, Anywhere   

Simulate Services Beyond Your Control 

Test Any Interface   

Easily build virtual versions of services and endpoints with a helpful wizard that captures the request and response traffic. 

Create a digital twin of practically any service, database, API, web interface, IoT device, or test data with extensive multi-protocol support. 

Manage Your Test Environment  

Deliver High-Quality Software 

Integrate virtual services into your test environment using a visual mapping of the artifacts and endpoints. 

Manage Your Test Environment


Complete application testing more thoroughly and quickly with service virtualization.

Blaze a New Trail     

Simplify your software testing now. 

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