Introducing Parasoft SOAtest's new
Smart API Test Generator

Use artificial intelligence to convert your UI tests into automated API tests.

Parasoft reduces the time, effort, and cost of delivering high-quality software to the market by providing automated software testing tools that support the entire software development lifecycle.

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Convert manual tests into automated API tests

The Smart Generator monitors background traffic while you're executing manual tests, and uses artificial intelligence to automatically build API tests, identifying meaningful patterns and relationships to build a complete test scenario within Parasoft SOAtest, much more than just a set of test steps.


With this automation, we've been able to further reduce the rate of escaping defects by about 60-70%.


QA Lead at DirecTV

Unique Benefits

Unlike any other tool, the Smart Generator magically converts UI tests into automated, scalable API tests, that teams can easily build into a comprehensive testing strategy. 

API testing for beginners

Many teams rely on manual testing because API testing is hard to learn. The Smart Generator lowers the technical entry level required for API testing.



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Lower the learning curve of API testing

The Smart Generator gives testers an easy place to start building API tests, without the difficult activities associated with manually building API tests. The Smart Generator does the heavy lifting, lowering the technical entry point to API testing, while giving novice users an effective place to start.

Build a comprehensive API testing strategy

The Smart Generator brings beginners into the API testing world and into the user-friendly Parasoft SOAtest ecosystem, where users benefit from powerful visual tools that are easy to adopt. Parasoft SOAtest enables teams to create powerful API scenarios in less time than with other tools.

Automatic assertions & validations

Other tools make you code. The Smart Generator is powered by Parasoft SOAtest, so you don't have to write any code when defining test logic.

Less time maintaining API tests

You don't have to update and re-write code when the UI changes because the Smart Generator builds API tests that are scriptless, and easily updated.

The Smart Generator converts your UI testing activities into meaningful API tests that both development and testing teams can share.

Less time building API tests

Easier to scale your API testing

Easily extend automatically generated API tests using Parasoft SOAtest's visual tooling, test flow logic, and data solutions, to cover more application logic and build complete, end-to-end test scenarios.

Instead of spending time investigating test cases, looking for patterns, and manually building relationships to form each test scenario, the Smart Generator does all of the heavy lifting with AI.

Easier to build test scenarios

How does it work?

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Unique Benefits:

Unlike any other tool, the Smart Generator magically converts UI tests into automated, scalable API tests, that teams can easily build into a comprehensive testing strategy.

Parasoft SOAtest's new Smart Generator snaps right into your browser and uses artificial intelligence to automatically convert your manual UI tests into automated API tests.