Make Selenium Easier with Parasoft Selenic

Parasoft Selenic works with your existing Selenium tests, providing self-healing at runtime and AI-powered recommendations post-execution.

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From development to QA, Parasoft's technologies reduce the time, effort, and cost of delivering securing, reliable, and compliant software, by integrating static and runtime analysis; unit, functional, and API testing; and service virtualization.

You don't have to get rid of Selenium to fix your Selenium problems.

Increase your test coverage and build stable and meaningful Selenium tests by adding Parasoft Selenic to your existing Selenium testing practice.

Reduce wasted cycles from failed builds due to unstable tests

With a one-line change to your existing execution script, Parasoft Selenic monitors the execution of your Selenium tests as part of the CI/CD pipeline and, if a test fails, applies its AI heuristics to determine if the failure is due to a real regression in the application, or if it’s just a broken test. If the test is broken, Selenic heals the test at runtime, so the test execution can continue to validate the application, without unnecessarily breaking the build.

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Key Capabilities for Enhanced Selenium Testing

Reduce time spent maintaining, repairing, and fixing broken tests

Parasoft Selenic’s AI heuristics diagnose test failures and provide recommendations on how to fix the tests. Whether you run as part of the CI/CD pipeline or directly from within your IDE, Selenic’s got you covered. In addition to HTML reporting, recommendations can be imported into the IDE, where you can update the test with a single click to ensure it doesn’t fail again in the future.

Record UI interactions with the Page Object Model to create maintainable tests right away

Record and playback is a great way to get started on your test automation efforts, and the Parasoft Recorder enables users to capture UI actions within the Chrome browser and then use the recording to create Java-based Selenium tests, leveraging the Page Object Model with the Parasoft Selenic IDE plugin for Eclipse (IntelliJ coming in 2020).

Optimize test execution for quicker feedback from your CI/CD pipeline

Instead of having to execute 1000s of tests before you know the quality of a build, Selenic optimizes your Selenium test suite to execute only the tests required to validate the changes between builds. Test Impact Analysis reduces the time it takes to execute your tests, so you can get quicker feedback from the CI/CD pipeline.

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